Language No Barrier for Grandparent Resource Center

Ingersoll Houses 

There is a growing Chinese community at Ingersoll Houses that was in need of city services. DFTA’s Grandparent Resource Center (GRC) made a concentrated effort to connect with these growing immigrant groups.

DFTA was able to engage the community thanks to the support of a DYCD Ladders for Leaders Intern, Xin Jie Chen.

As an Ingersoll resident who speaks fluent Mandarin as well as Cantonese, Xin Jie Chen lives with a kinship caregiver family. She is intimately aware of the issues facing a kinship caregiver family and has the trust of the Chinese community in Ingersoll.

As a result of her participation, the GRC was able to connect with 36 seniors and kinship caregivers living within the community. They were made aware of the MAP program as well as services offered by the GRC, NCOs, and Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Affairs (MOIA).