Unity is Key

Castle Hill Houses 

On Saturday September 8th, the Castle Hill Stakeholder team held their NeighborhoodStat launch event to introduce themselves and the work they are doing with the larger community. The team named their event “Unity Day” in spirit of bringing the community together.

The stakeholder team met weekly over the course of 8 weeks to plan and strategize the event, which brought together 30 city agencies and private employers to share valuable resources with residents and the Castle Hill community.

“We want to let people know that if we can work with police, you can. If we can work with city agencies, you can. So let’s unify. Unity is key.”—Luis Rosa, MAP Engagement Coordinator, Castle Hill

Over 450 residents were in attendance throughout the course of the event. Many were able to sign up for social services and programs related to employment, domestic violence, youth development and many others.

The impact and success of this event demonstrated the team’s ability to mobilize a large team to work together on a common goal. Participants included DFTA, ENDGBV, HRA, NYPD, NYCHA, IMCR, Phipps’s Neighborhood, MOCJ and residents.