Connected Communities, Safer Communities

Wagner Houses 

On December 20, the Wagner Houses NeighborhoodStat team announced its plan to redesign and promote use of an underutilized green space in the community as well as to upgrade a nearby basketball court—improvements that will help make the neighborhood safer and more vibrant. The team is planning to offer year-round programming for residents, including fitness activities, movie screenings, game nights and more. Investments in physical improvements and positive social programming will not only create opportunities for individuals to enjoy the space, but also increase opportunities for residents to interact with each other. 

“We believe that a connected community is a safer community, and that’s something that we are working on,” Wagner resident Julie said.

The team’s strategy is built on a combination of local and City expertise, as well as learnings from the team’s crime prevention training. The team worked diligently to engage residents across Wagner Houses and is excited to represent the community’s collective vision and shared goals toward a safer, more beautiful and vibrant community.

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