Who’s Got Game? The MAP/PAL Basketball League kicks off!


The MAP PAL Basketball League was created as a way to expand the current sports league program with PAL while making it more accessible and inclusive of partners and youth in MAP communities. The league leverages existing resources such as community centers, Next Steps providers, MAP Engagement Coordinators, NCO’s, conflict mediation providers and other partners.  The league was developed with partners to use basketball as a means to engage youth while connecting them to existing resources through workshops. 

Last year the league serviced 130 youth across 13 MAP communities; who participated in 24 different workshops. These workshops were facilitated by MAP partners who included conflict mediation providers, life coach Josh Mendez, Next Steps and MAP Engagement Coordinators. 

Working on feedback from Coaches we are partnering with CUNY to have participants go on college tours, collegiate basketball games and other outside activities. 

Youth participants are between the ages of 14-18 and it is not gender specific. Young men and women are encouraged to sign up. Players need to follow league rules attend/participate in workshops in addition to the games. Food is provided at each game and uniforms are provided through PAL.

Coaches include staff from community centers, Next Step Coordinators, MAP Engagement Coordinators and in a few locations NCO’s.  Coaches are expected to set an example for youth participants, behave in a professional manner and support management of the games.  Coaches are pivotal partners since they have the initial relationship with participants.