Testify is the latest art exhibit from the YLC inaugural cohort.
Participating youth artists captured the testimonies of resilient individuals in their lives. Each testimony includes an interview and original photography of subjects related to the interviewee’s experience. The stories explore trials and triumphs that are vivid, layered, and span a range of cultures and generations.

Testimony 1

“Indeed, God’s blessing can take you anywhere.”

Fatoumata describes her experiences coming of age in Mali, her journey with marriage and motherhood, and her current life in the U.S.

Youth Artist: Aminata C.

Testimony 2

“The pandemic was really hard for me, specifically, because I feel like I was transitioning from school to remote learning…”

Kelsey describes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and mandatory local lockdown on her academic performance and lifestyle and shares tips for successful studying.

Youth Artist: Chloe D.

Testimony 3

“In 10 years, when I look at myself, I want to be able to look back and I wanna be able to say, ‘hey, I did that during hard times, so I could do anything now.”

After emigrating from Bangladesh and reuniting with her father in New York City, Angela describes the impacts of her father’s job loss on their family, including how she and her mother suffer from physical and verbal abuse.

Youth Artist: Christopher G.

Testimony 4

“‘I can handle whatever life throws at me.’ That’s when I decided to take control of my life.”

YLC Member, Jasleen learns of the trials her mother faced in an ongoing job search during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Youth Artist: Jasleen L.

Testimony 5

“I kept pushing by praying on it.”

Khalika reflects on how she endured the loss of her husband after a fatal shooting.

Youth Artist: Jason B.

Testimony 6

“Exercise and have a healthy diet.”

Olivia discusses living with Type 2 diabetes.

Youth Artist: Jason P.

Testimony 7

“Don’t take life for granted…Live your life. Don’t hold grudges, ’cause you never know when something bad can happen, like this pandemic.”

Youth Arist Jessica T. describes her experience adjusting to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Youth Artist: Jessica T.

Testimony 8

“…I was supposed to be in the car too, but I didn’t go. Thank God everything happens for a reason.”

After losing family members in a fatal car crash nearly 31 years ago, Maria describes the accident’s impact on her life and the dangers of drunk driving.

Youth Artist: Julio V.

Testimony 9

“Never give up. Keep in mind that it takes time, but at the end, they can achieve the world.”

Gumecindo discusses his experience immigrating to the U.S. and adjusting to a new culture.

Youth Artist: Kate O.

Testimony 10

“I’m responsible just because it’s kind of been forced on me. Being responsible really is one of the bigger takeaways from this whole situation.”

Sirazam listens as her best friend, Atia, describes her challenges juggling high school and her responsibilities as a part-time caretaker for an older adult.

Youth Artist: Sirazam M.

Testimony 11

“Being struck down by Covid, I am almost losing my life.”

After contracting Covid, Ian recounts his struggle with the virus for almost two years.

Youth Artist: Vanessa R.